The bittersweet life and loves of Cali Kistler: a quirky jet set call girl with big dreams and a big heart struggling to leave escorting behind. But can she ever find that elusive sweet spot between Love and Money?

Cali Kistler is a VIP companion with a bad temper, a penchant for fantasy and a wild sense of humor. She charms and seduces her rich, powerful and kinky clients with ease. She dreams of retiring from escorting to open La Fantasia, a secret sexy spa bordello for women, hidden away in the South of France, where she could spend her days writing her memoirs. And maybe...MAYBE if she goes legit, she can finally know true love with a "real" boyfriend! But when all the wrong men get in her way, will she ever be able slink into a new and different life?


They say that good girls go to heaven.

But "Miss Cali"? She goes everywhere. Come along on her sexy jet-set adventures.

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